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The humble beginnings of mediocrity

ClawShrimp [Add Friend]

I donít think of myself as an artist - more a creatively minded laymen. Iím blessed with perpetual inspiration, but cursed by a lack of talent.

I have always loved to sketch, and on the odd occasion even paint. Unfortunately for me, a real world canvas doesnít have an undo button. This is why, back in 1996, I first started toying with a Shareware version of Paint Shop Pro (found on the cover of a magazine). I knew almost instantly that digital art was for me.

Fast forward to 2006, when I discovered a highly under-rated (yet unfortunately limited) program called FaceGen. Within hours of tinkering with the software I was creating Ďrealisticí characters well beyond anything I could have managed via traditional mediums. But what to do about bodies for my newly created digital brethren?

I took it upon myself to scour the internet in search of a 3D software package that was flexible enough to fulfil my specific needs, while still being NOOB friendly. Untimely I didnít want to spend months, or even years deciphering the inís and outís of 3D Studio Max for instance.

It wasnít long before I caught digital whisperings of a program called Poser, which lead me eFrontierís very own site.

In search of more examples of Poser art I found myself inevitably at Renderosity...and I havenít looked back since.

The community here is certainly a mixed bunch (as are all communities, online especially), but in the great majority they have proven to be incredibly helpful, and wonderfully supportive.

If you plan on commenting on my images (and I certainely hope you do) while praise is always appreciated, critical analysis and constructive criticism is encouraged.

Happy rendering!

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