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Do you know why God made kittens so cute?
So when you walk into the bathroom full of shredded toilet paper,
Walk in to yarn strung all over your bedroom floor,
That came from the almost finished blanket you spent hours knitting,  gone.
You slip and fall on the fish tank water is all over the living room floor.
                             You done kill them.
They look at you with that cute little fuzzy face,
And those big bright beautiful trusting eyes.
With all the charm and innocents in there expressions.
                     Your heart melts.
God made them so cute to keep them alive.
So they may live long wonderful lives.


I don’t tell many people this but you seemed so nice I am going to post this. I was in a car wreak in 1998. I was hit head on  by a drunk driver. He died and I lived. The left side of my body was crushed and right broken. It easier to list what was not broken the what was… But now I am fine and walk like nothing ever happened. I don’t run any more as my left leg wont let me. But I have my leg…So I am grateful.  He had nothing and I am not able to hold down a job again so we are a one income family with children.

All that to say I use Paint. Net  to make up the pictures I post. I have just started making them in the last few week. The first picture I posted was the first I have ever done. So I am over kill new at this. I had to give up painting and drawling as my right hand wont let me do that any more. I missed it so much that I looked online for a paint program. With no cash I was just hoping to find some thing worth playing with.

After I looked around renderosity again I took a chance and posted a picture. Then got hooked. I have touched up and made frames and back grounds for my family pictures . As a mom I have lots to work with. Maybe some of them will turn out okay…. So my work in done on  Paint. Net and I do the best I know how… I am learning and all comments are welcome good and corrective (Don’t like to say bad) I wont get mad or hurt as I want to learn….Thank you all…..

I want to say thank you for all your comments and tips you give me...And as soon as I get this web sight down I will write to you all...It took me a long time to get back to this sight...I am glad you are all such good people...

 I love learning and now.  I am trying my hand at  computer  art. Now... no pencil no paper... just this box ,screen, and my camera.... This is all new to me but I will get it fairly right one day...        

I was told about gimp and daz... they are wonderful free programs ... I am learning more and more.. Thank you all for telling me about these wonderful programs and all you kind and helpful words....

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