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Who am I?

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I am like many of you here, we all wear many hats through out our days and life.  I am a mom, a wife, a jewelry web site business owner, who has a positive attitude and a passion for photography.

I started with a Pentax 35mm camera some years ago and found I just loved being out and taking pictures.  I absolutely love taking pictures of flowers but at the time did not have much opportunity to do so. 

Fast forward to 5 Christmas ago and getting a little 4.1 mega pix camera from my hubby.  I was thrilled but intimidated by it so it took me a while before I really embraced the new camera.  Once I did I loved it but found it limited compared to my 35 mm camera that I could change the lenses on.  I hunted high and low eventually finding 2 lenses that could be attached to my new camera.  Ah, now I am really loving the new camera.  So I took tons of picture and really enjoyed myself along the way.  seems I liked it so much that I may have worn out my little camera. 

Now that left me with investigating the digital SLR cameras and doing a lot of drooling.  I researched on the net, went to stores to try and "feel" all the cameras I was interested in.  But having loved my Pentax 35mm I think I knew all along I might come home with a digital SLR Pentax camera.  I even wrote to Pentax asking if my lenses from my 35 mm might work with an D SLR camera.  To my surprise they said they thought they might.  So by now you can guess I own a Pentax Digital SLR camera, the K10 to be exact. 

I love this camera but have just touched the basics so far.  There is so much to learn and I get a little impatient with myself over it.   For the longest time I could not get the 35mm camera lenses to work with the digital camera.  I had about given up on getting them to work but one day I was so frustrated because I did not have a macro lens that I tried them again.  I have no idea why the lenses now would work on the digital camera , all I know is that I am ecstatic over this!   Too bad I found out after most of the flowers are gone in my gardens :(   But there are pansies and mums .

I have been working at getting use to the difference in the weight of the new camera and the 70-200 zoom/macro lens from my 35mm camera.   It makes  a heavy combo when you have been use to a little palm size camera for so many years! 

So it looks like I am starting a new journey with this camera and I am happy you decided to stop by and view my pictures a long the way.  I would appreciate any feedback you might want to leave as this is a learning process for me.

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