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I am Shadow Mihaiu, an independent producer/director.  (see my imdb at interest in digital art has grown over the years as I saw more and more very accomplished artists here on Renderosity.  Naturally,  familiarity with 3D and 2D FX and compositing is becoming a required skill set in film making, and this forum, though principally still images, allows me to see the approaches others have created, emulated, adapted and stolen... 

Some of the images you see in my gallery are just "getting to know the software" projects, and sometimes I will voice my annoyance with various parts of the software.  Other pix are focused on actual film projects I am working on.  In particular, the Vampyre P.I. images are all connected to my Vampyre P.I. franchise (see for trailers and picture galleries), which is built around the character of Tara LaFontaine, herself built on the actress Carrie Cain Sparks, who plays Tara in the upcoming live action series and movies, and whose voice will grace the animated version, if I ever do one.  See more about Carrie Cain Sparks at her imdb profile and her official website.

I strive to let people know some of the details of my renders: lights used, render times, process, etc., to give you an idea of how I got a particular effect.  If interested in anything, just ask.

The art I am exploring here boils down to mastery of and expression through particular 3D software, without manipulation in post.   I seldom use post work here other than assembly and text.  I seldom composite in post.  When I do post work, I will note it (and these pix will usually be still pix that I want to explore a style with).  So, you can assume that, unless you see my specific note otherwise, the pics are as they rendered.

I do that for several reasons:  (1) I like to see the unaltered work of the renderer I am using. (2) I am film oriented, and extensive post work is not an option for most film work, due to the sheer volume of frames. Most of the "project" type pics are done with a view to rendering an animated sequence at some point, so usually I am only interested in the frame as rendered.  (3) For some perverse reason, I feel like I'm cheating when I am tempted to fix something in post - say painting over a small interpenetration or adding a shadow that I didn't light right - I'd rather fix it in the geometry and re-render.  I guess it might be related to the same idea - when rendering an animation, you have to have it right in the first place, 'cause fixing in post may not be a reasonable option.

I hope you enjoy the work I post here.

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