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I've done a little of this and a little of that in art for years, from costume design to illustration to jewelrymaking to miniature couture for collectible dolls. Creating for Poser is a new venture for me, and grew out of experimentation with 3d software as part of recent exploration in digital media that has quickly lost me more hours than I can count. I am not very interesting -- I really mean it. Since I am a full-time artist and have been for over a decade now, I don't think I make enough money to qualify as interesting. *laugh* You need to be able to afford to do "interesting" these days, and interesting tends to be expensive.

At least twice a week, I get neck deep in a project only to look up after what seems like a few minutes only to think, "...when exactly did the sun come up again?" Needless to say, I am a hopeless coffeeholic as a result and the phrase "normal sleep schedule" only ever applies to other people. My working process involves a lot of waking up in the middle of the night with an idea, trying to get back to sleep, and being nagged by the random muse of the moment until I drag myself out of bed, put on yet more coffee, and get to work. (This is doubly irritating if I'm in the middle of something else, and triply annoying if I'm almost finished something else, but it happens at least once per project.) Beyond that, I play a lot of "ooh, what does this button do?" and eyeballing things until they "look right". I make 'what I like and haven't found exactly yet'. I've started selling the bits of it I think -- and hope -- others may find useful in some fashion.

I have fairly eclectic tastes. I love historical fashion and the almost anti-historical versions thereof from classic movies; silent film fashion makes me swoon. I have more shoes (real and virtual) than anyone reasonably should and am always thrilled to find new ones. Hair? Should never be just one color -- unless it's teal. Yes, I have actually tied ribbons and strings and beads and scraps of silk into my hair -- and slept in it, and gone out in public like that, and stood in front of my very conservative mother with a smile on my face about it. I love eccentric clothing, from wild couture creations to one of a kind art to wear garments.

I tend to think "pretty" and "beautiful" are very different things, and while they may sometimes overlap, it isn't at all necessary. Ever see a rusty hinge and find the patterns beautiful and fascinating? Probably. Is it -pretty-? Uhm... no, not really. There's room for the beauty of rusty hinges as well as pretty fresh flowers out there, and I absolutely love that.

I am an opinionated creature and talk too much, yet tend to be skittish and am twenty times more shy than you would guess. I don't bite if approached with a question or comment, and I heartily encourage feedback be it positive or negative. Please don't ever hesitate to contact me with questions or comments.

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