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I began my computing life on a commodore vic20 and I started playing with 3d ray tracing programs in 1984 on an Amiga 500. In these days I run on Windows7 64-bit with an i7 and 12 gigs of ram and 1.7 gig 295 GPU video card. My programs of choice for 3D is Poser7 Pro, Carrara 7 Pro, Vue6.5 infinite, Lightwave 8.5, Modo 401, Z-Brush 4, 3D Coat3.5 . For the 2D stuff CS2, Painter 10, Particle illusions, Apophysis206_3Dhack . So as you can see I have a huge arsenal of programs to get the job done. One thing I do believe in is being able to model and customise your own stuff, and creating your own textures, if you can't then you are at the mercy of other people’s thoughts. I never stand on the one spot for long I’m constantly developing different technique and styles from 2D to 3D I want to learn it all, and my best advice to people is knowledge is you best weapon, in being a better artist. If you have to pay for good tutorials do it, live on the forums this is the best free source you can get, and never give up.

Screen Name

Where did the name Midnight_stories come from? Well I grew up reading comics like eerie and creepy I love the darker things, and evil fascinates me. I wanted to produce comic like those, ones that made you think. So I named myself Midnight_stories.


Devil Dog Studios

I was member of Devil Dog Studios, it all started with Christopher Haigood (AKA) mestophales , contacting me about doing morphs for the Manitou and one thing led to another. They needed someone who could do morphs and rigging, I may have stretched the truth a bit about the rigging, but don’t tell Brent.  They gave me the Creech to rig from scratch, and it was sink or swim stuff for me. It was a 2-3 week deadline and I had to learn quick there was no help out there, I quit a few times but the guys kept telling me you can do it. We got there in the end and the Creech ended up being one of the best  figures in Poser 8, well I guess that a matter of opinion. We’ve all moved on from those days but still stay in contact and continue to work on projects together. I have a lot to thank DevilDogStudios for and they helped me to become what I am today.

These Days

These days I have my own store and do this full time, I’ve streamlined character development from a month into a week ,sometimes days. I have a big base mesh library thanks to mestophales and Vlk. I’ve been doing more modelling than rigging lately so I hope the quality is lifting. So that’s about it. If anyone wants to throw ideas at me feel free to contact me here or at my web site.

Well thanks for looking and I'll see you on the edge, when the time comes.

All the best !!!!

From the mind on the other side


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