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I've been doing digital art for a few years, and tend towards a fantasy/sci-fi genre, but am not limited to it.

I use primarily male subjects because if I'm going to work at a piece for hours, I might as well enjoy looking at it, plus, EVERYONE uses females, especially nude, which is just boring. No NANV pictures for me. ("NANV" = "Not ANOTHER nude Victoria"). Sadly, this is why I'll never be "Artist of the Month". 

Well, that and I'm slower than dirt when it comes to art. 

Oh, and despite my subject matter, I am female and proud of it, thank you. ;)
I came from an artistic family - my father (who was also an engineer) played french horn in the symphony for many years, and my mom was a professional ballet dancer with a love for art history that eventually became the subject of her Masters Degree. I was an only child and over the years I studied (to varying degrees of success) art, writing, film, ballet and modern, clarinet, acting, and even bagpipe (for about a year). A lot of these didn't pan out, but I am still able to draw experience from all of them.

In college, I double majored in Film Production and Graphic Design, and it was there that I truly learned to embrace my geek side, getting into comic books, RPGs, and video games, which somehow lead to more writing and art. While I didn't have much in the way of computer training, I had friends who were and picked up a lot from them. I like to think my works draw from all aspects of my background and the things I've learned not just in a technical sense, but in a psychological sense as well. I also believe you have to try new things, and occasionally take some critical lumps if you're ever going to improve. We're always learning. :)

Currently I am a graphics designer/web designer/print designer/multimedia designer/whatever else needs designing designer at a local video production/advertising house. But what I really want is to win the lottery. ;)

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