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Arcas: Pixel Explorer

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Much as my life tries to distract me from it, I keep coming back to art. It's a fundamental part of my OS. Imaginative art has been a passion from my wee years (4 or 5). Growing up during the Space Race, my creative juices usually yearned skyward. I loved creating sci-fi images that had their roots in factual science. Or just cute ladies. Or lunar exploring penguins. Or a twisted mix of all three.

Okay, I haven't actually tried that... yet... It was drilled into my head, very early, that art was not a viable career. It was 20 years before I realized how much hooey that was. With a college degree in the sciences I made a course correction and eeked out something almost representing "a living" as a professional SF illustrator in the late 80's. My work was mostly done for paper and pen RPG companies - all the big players at the time.

In the 90's I turned to computer games, but I foolishly drifted into the administrative side. Once I left that field, I began the task of backtracking to rekindle my illustrative/design/graphics roots.

In Jan. of 2006, my pal Tom (TomPeters) introduced me to DAZ Studio. I became immediately addicted - and I don't use that term lightly! Much money spent and little sleep has been had since. 3D figure modeling has sunk its hooks deep into my brain. Ouch!

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