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Therese Marie Smith

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My name is Therese M Smith. I am 52 Years old. I am a very proud mother of four and granny of five. I am One with nature one with God and all good things. I stated creating at a young age as a way to escape the real world.

At seventeen without my knowing my sisters entered me in the Travers City State Fair where I won first place for a tree I made with ink and a straw. I did drawing and poetry less while the children were growing. In 2002 I saw a fractal on line and thought what is a fractal, how do you create this beauty and if they can do it I can do it too. I researched the word fractal than self-taught myself using the program Ultra Fractal.

I work with fractal computer generated Manderbolt formula (whom is inventor the first formula generated from a computer and coined the term fractal.) or I will use a Newton Formula.  Fractals grow in nature i.e. a tree or your DNA your lungs and veins. A fractal is a geometric shape and pattern that repeats the design, zooming in is infinite.  Like a piece of broccoli in how it repeats its pattern over and over. Studies are proving that they can help with pain management and depression. I surely am proof of this.

When I work my pain eases up. I don’t focus of on the pain both mentally and physically but on the image I am generating through mathematic equations or guessing changing the properties of the formula. I then add color, mask and layers to produce my finial image.

 I am able to feel and heal by creatively using my emotions.  I work through my own feelings as well as healing myself enabling me to understand why things work the way they do. Why I feel this way or how I can change how I feel or look at things. I forget about the pain or depression as I create. Many of my 3000 or so images come with poetry also. I have a showing of ten images in a medical building in Sweden as well as on line galleries there. I have donated images to help feed children in Africa. I am the first featured artist in The “Best Of Red Bubble “Artist Group as well as many other groups on that site. You can find my work by searching Xoxotree, Therese M Smith artist on Google. I am also on Renderosity and made the art charts with the most people favoring my image in a week.

I have learned to embrace my illnesses, through my creative forces, ADHD, Dyslexic, and Bipolar, PTSD Dissociative disorders to name a few along with Osteoporosis, Hepatitis C, and Chronic Pain ect…; by accepting them as gifts that they are just a part of me not all of me. I am proud with what I have and look to the future to help others to embrace what ills them, can only heal one.

“I rather draw in dirt than go shopping.”

Therese M Smith

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