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Greetings: Thanks for visiting my page here at Renderosity. My real name is Clayton. I am Canadian, living in Southern Ontario. I suppose you could describe me as a middle aged man, not at all wealthy and working as a "sort of" public servant in computer support. Putting those three factors together you could also conclude that I'm too stupid to get a real job.

I will also say that I am old enough to remember the line, "Danger is my business", when I was half my current size (vertically) and sat down on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. Hands up all those who can remember that. And while were on the subject of old, obscure cartoons, hands up those who watched Rocket Robin Hood. But those shortcomings have been balanced by the fact that I still have all my hair. AND, except for the occasional errant strand, it's still its original colour - BONUS! Take that, all you "Mr. Perfect"s out there who got all the girls in university.

My work is largely done with Poser. With Poser, I've noticed that I have a habit of diving into projects without fully realizing the overall complexities of the tasks which I create for myself. Hence the avatar I use which also symbolizes my 'chosen' profession rather well. Still, I hope you enjoy some of my images here.

In addition to Poser, I have also posted a number of digital photographs. For the most part these images are of the streetcars (electric trolleys, trams or light rail) that operate in the City of Toronto - near to where I live. Toronto has a long history of streetcar operation and is one of the few North American cities that has retained and developed its streetcar network into the present day. Unlike many other cities that are now having to rebuild their networks.

I have adopted the handle 'KatesFriend' for my work here at Renderosity. The reason is mostly due to the fact that 'Katie' was the first Poser character with which I worked. Well that, and the name Clayton appeared to be already in use here.

I discovered Poser quite by accident. A friend gave me a copy of Poser 6 for my birthday. At the time I had no experience with 3D image rendering and no interest. I also had no computer suitable to implement the package. A 100MHz Pentium 1 with 16MB of RAM and a 36kbaud internal modem running Windows 95, USED to be cutting edge Buster. So, the box sat on the shelf for a while (months) until I could install it on a computer capable of running it. Well. I had to BUY the computer first, then install the software. Then, I was hooked.

I have also provided a couple of small contributions to the Free Stuff section. My favourite is the Glowy Orb: 101 uses. It can be the thruster glow for an Eagle transport from Moonbase Alpha. A sparkly light bulb on a Christmas tree. Or just a shiney mystical ball for your cat to play with. Remember, the Glowy Orb is your friend.

Glowy Orb
My thanks to the various tutorial authors that showed me how to create this useful material. PS. I should point out that Eagles were never actually depicted with glowing thrusters on Space: 1999. Nor did they ever fly in front of stars or planets when depicted in full flight. Saves a lot on production costs that way. But they were still pretty cool space ships.

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