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Prehistoric Insanity

kamperbeyond [Add Friend]

I'm a Primary Teacher who thinks a bit too much outside the box...

So much so in fact, that my closest friends call me the "Weapon of Mass Imagination". As part of this package I'm a bit on the eccentric side of human nature.

The most obvious manifestation of this trait, is my puppet Traumador the Tyrannosaur. Invented as part of an education program I used to do at a museum, I just couldn't bring myself to retire (which really is death for a puppet!) the character, so I brought him over to the net when I left said museum.

Traumador has since taken on a life of his own, which you can be a part of! Join him on his (mis?)adventures over at The Tyrannosaur Chronicles

I'm a very active and passionate 3D graphics artist, and am hoping to establish myself as a legitiamate Palaeo-artist in the near future. Unable to keep this love of reconstructing the prehistoric past to myself, I'm one of the co-creators of ART Evolved: Life's Time Capsule, the online Palaeo-art community. Where all we do and talk about is palaeo-art! Please come and join the community at!

I also love to record the wonder that is the world around me. Whether it be in nature or in the artifical yet amazing confinds of humanity. Everything is cool and interesting, and I try to capture it with my camera...

Beyond that can't think of anything more to add at moment...

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