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Spacebones` Antigravity

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If we never would try to overcome the boundary of gravitation we would miss evolution. We have to understand all ourselves as one chaotic, perfectly creative mind-body of mankind as a part of a greater living mind-body, called earth. Let`s all together try to trespass the curtains of ignorance, greed and political or religious blindness in mind . WE ARE ON OUR WAY INTO SPACE, and we are - for sure - no way the only living beings in an endless universe!

My regular name is Waldemar Barkowski, I was born in Duesseldorf, Germany in 06/12/1952. ( Gosh, a grandpa!? - not yet, buds, there`s still quite a lot to do until I`ll change dimension ) I graduated in graphics - design / visual communication in 1977 ( yeah, in the pre comp aera ;o)) in producing a toon movie, painting each frame manually then, it was a pain to draw `n paint.. Over the years I did so many different things, don`t want anyone to get bored with it, in short: Freelance work as a layouter, airbrush illustrator, art director, cartoonist, 3D designer ( yes - building real things with real tools ;o)). Free artist and (space-)rock musician as well. The latter brought me into 3D graphics and video work, having been the one of us to care about the stage shows of our band. Much of my Bryce stuff around the web had been part of these virtual journeys...
I really learned to love Bryce and many an other of those nifty tools in the meantime.
Well - there is no "big philosophical background" around my work and life, but one: We all are born into our places to learn and do our service as we can, even if we don`t understand the meaning of this, just says we`ve still to learn. We are responsible to our thoughts and deeds, to our children ( even if I don`t have some ) , to our environment, to our next ones. Avoiding war begins in our own brains, the force of OUR minds is a building block for all these forms in our 3D real world. Fighting for peace and freedom must never happen with arms, no way. Our weapon is CREATIVITY! Let us boldly go together where no one was before! Have fun! :D Waldemar

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