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Through my many travels in life I have come to appreciate life and to celebrate the moments with which I am blessed. My journey has allowed me to meet so many new people, all of which I believe I have given something of myself as well as to receive a little bit of who they are. This is mainly why I have come to treasure people and the unique contributions they have all made to who I am today. It is from this amazing sense of gratitude that I chose to be a photographer, by not only celebrating my own life, but also that of others in capturing the special moments in time that will always remind you of the beautiful side of life that we so tend to forget.
In the same way I find inspiration from nature and that, which is untouched and precious. It is therefore that I love animals and nature scenes whereby one can feel a sense of connectedness and serenity that only nature can provide.
I am energetic, creative and enthusiastic and love to work with people from various backgrounds, as I believe it makes life more interesting. I am honest and sincere in my relations with other individuals as I highly value the trust created in relationships. I am open-minded and approachable and value the unique qualities that provide variety in individuals. I therefore strive to remain open to change and new experiences as one can learn something new from each individual person that is sent on your journey. My vision for my life is to be happy and enjoy the work that I’m doing, live a balanced life and continually improve myself in all areas. As I am here today, I have experienced success, failure, happiness, despair, anger, frustration; all the emotions that make us human. I feel that everything we experience has a divine purpose that we are seldom aware of, but the experience and insight we gain through specific events is what makes life all the more fascinating.  

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