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Hi, my name is Brian, I'm 41 years old, English born and currently reside in the USA. Father of two wonderful children, Chloe and Liam who are 11 and 14.

I've been messing about with 3D art for about 6 years now. Started with Poser, Bryce, Daz3D, Cinema4D and finally stopped at 3DS Max/Vray. I prefer Max because of the quality of the renders. I like to get the best out of what I'm doing, so it's an obvious choice for me.

I'm also a musician, played since I was 7 years old and have went through numerous instruments.

I've surrounded myself in ways to express myself for as long as I can remember, or should I say, it has blanketed me for as long as I can remember.

I will usually comment on an image that I think deserve it and I refuse to get into the "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" syndrome that usually surrounds websites such as these. Want an explanation of what I just said?

1) I comment on an image of yours, so you feel the need to comment on mine, regardless of what you think of my image. You are repaying the favor to me ;-D

2) This syndrome happens for a few weeks/months until suddenly I am getting 6 pages of comments. I scratch my head and say "How did that happen?" - "Before I was commenting on everyone's images for population, I was only getting 6 comments per image, and now I am getting 4-6 pages"

3) I stop commenting on peoples images, and my page comments dwindle down to 6-10 comments per image.

It's repulsive when you see a below average artist with 7 pages of comments, knowing they got those comments not because of the image, but by other means. This means that the real artists get forgotten about while the "popular" artists make it big. It's sort of like music in a way, or any type of expression. Got to love it ;-D

I can sleep at night, knowing that people are enjoying my work for what it is, and not for how much brown nosing I am doing.


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