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A proud American

ATruePatriot [Add Friend]

I believe in the truth, and I am not afraid to express it. What I am: An American, vietnam veteran, father, moderate, moral and spiritual not religous, soldier citizen, voter, humanist. What I am not: Silent or subserviant.

I was 2nd born of five kids. I grew up in rural America, on a farm. Hunting and fishing wasn't merely a sport, it helped feed our family. I learned about hard work & hard life. Also the joys of nature. I strongly believe in the strict preservation of our natural resources. I enlisted in the army in 1960. After finishing a full 4 year stint, I re-enlisted, and was sent to Vietnam. I was only 22 years old. My Vietnam war experience changed my perspective forever. I was exposed to Agent Orange, and have recently been part of the class action law suit over the health effects many Vietnam vets suffered, as a result of exposure to Agent Orange. I feel that a true patriot, is someone who loves their country enough to criticize it's temporary leaders, when they jeopardize it's citizens unnecessarily. It is not patriotic to shut up, or tow the party lines. Our fore fathers, and many soldiers since, have bled and died to preserve that right. They firmly believed in the power of the soldier citizen, to protest against the central powers, should they go astray... So do I. I am here to exercise my patriotic duty and right, to protest anything I deem harmful to the country I so deeply love. You may not like what I have to say, but no one has the right to tell me I can't say it. Peace and long life!

Money that we could have spent here in our country, to shore up our defenses. But instead we cut our police and fire departments, so that we can dump the money down some third world hole.
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