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Hi and welcome to my profile!

Name: Gro Anita Hilton
Born: 10'th of July 1975, a true cancer :o)

A boyfriend, born on the 6'th of September 1966, a true virgo!
A dog, she's where born on the 23'rd of June 2001, also a true cancer :o)

I'm engaged, living with my dog! Boyfriend spend's almost every minut here, so we might as well move in together some time in the future!

I have psoriasis, anxiety and high blod pressure:
~ My psoriasis are some what better than it has been for year's!

~ My anxiety aren't so hard anymore and I have never used any pill's for it, ok I got a subscribson (don't know if the word is written in the right way) for Truxal, but I've never used it and the doctor's are very happy that I could manage without using them, so that's a plus :o)

~ I do use pills for my high blood pressure, and I'm sure that it's the right thing to do for me!

~ I have more weight than I'm supposed to have, so I struggle a lot with that!

My Creativity:

It started when I where born, but it didn't develope until my brother died on the 6'th of march in 2006. ( R.I.P Big Brother, I really miss you! )
He got to see my first painting, just because I wanted to paint a painting for my mother as a christmas gift, and it didn't look like anything at all, but it where painted in her favorite color's. My brother told me that he didn't like it, haha! But when he died the interest in painting started for real, and I'm sure it where as some kind of therapi for me. Some time later I where listed to start on a coursus for those that need help in getting a job, and there where a lady there, she where a really good painter, she got to see my painting's and she invited me to the workshop she is a member of. There are different artist's there, a woman making wonderful pottery! A 73 year old man painting a lot of woman, nail's, head's with high rococco hair, hand's and cracy color's. He is so sure that he has found out a wonderful way to loose weight with dream's of color's and a special exercise program that he has made! There's a woman making raku and it's rather cool to look at how wonderful it look's when it's done. There's a lot of member's there and most of them are painter's like me! Some are have learned painting from a school and some are born painter's, some are painter's learning on their own, like me!

I'm from Norway but I live in Denmark. My mother also moved to Denmark and I'm very happy about that. My father live's in Norway and I'm happy about that too!

I'm working in an arkitect's firm and I'm helping out by typing letter's for him on the computer. Only 3 hour a day, but I love it. It's just for 2-3 month's and I will be very sad when I have to leave....

I don't think I have any more to fill in here, but I wish you a wonderful day :o)

My url:
Thanx for viewing my profile!

Best of wishes to you!

Love y'all
Gro Anita Hilton

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