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Name's Steve, or rather Stefano as I'm Italian. Born back in June '72, I live near Milan. I've been studying Physics for so many long years now, and there was a time a was really interested in the problems about the interpretation of Quantum Theory (Oh! The Almighty Multiverse!). I really love animals and I got ten cats, a dog, and a horse (the one You see in the photo) going around the house... well actually I manage to keep the horse outside as I'm not sure the floor could withstand her! In 1989 I had a chance to ride and I never stopped since! Other interests: anything scientific, history, philosophy, and all that concerns the military world (please don't think a fanatic of me 'couse I'm not-- I hate war and violence and love life and beauty with every beat of my heart!) I started to use computers back in the... hmmm, don't remember... well, let me just mention that it was a Sinclair Spectrum, 16 KB RAM (and it seemed a lot then!). I got some programming experience, but is out of date by now. Generally I work, though discontinuosly, with Mathematica, Fortran and LaTeX. My free PC-time was mainly dedicated to FlightSims, but around October 2005 it all changed: I discovered Poser and then C4D, now THIS fills up the idle cicle of my PC! And so here we are...

2010 Update
Working now (yep! finally). I am a quality and environment manager, product quality supervisor, and IT manager too... Far less time for hobbies, but more money to spend upgrading my hardware.
Actually I got into building PC both for the needs of the firm I work for and for myself...

Here's my own last build (quite good for both rendering and gaming):
Intel i7 X980 (3.3 to 3.6 GHz , 6 cores, 12 logical cores)
12 GB RAM (triple channel 1066MHz CAS8 Corsair)
Evga X58 4SLI Classified (motherboard)
2x GTX480 (ASUS-nVidia)
Kingston 80GB SSD (Intel controller) + 1 TB Seagate 7200.12 HD
Enermax Revolution85+ 1250W PSU
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

I am keeping my 'old' system (Intel Q9450, 8GB, GTX280) in a small LAN to work as a space reservoir (what I got in it? I think 2 x 0.5 TB + 4 x 1TB HDs...) and back up.

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