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I'm a little girl in a old woman's body, still wandering what I'll be when I grow up ... Still daydreaming, being a brat and occasionally talking to my imaginary friends. I'm kidding about the last part of course - really!

Peter Pan is still my hero - and I find Wendy shortsighted and weak for ever growing up. No, I don't want to live on an island in the middle of nowhere with my prime objective in life to be fighting some pirate with a hook. I do want my heart and spirit to be forever young. I refuse to give into the mainstream idea of being like everyone else. I dance to my very own private drummer. God bless Peter for bucking the system. Winnie the Pooh, even though he doesn't know it, is my mentor. He has, to me, the epitome of childlike qualities that I find utterly endearing. He is innocent, trusting, loyal, ingenuous and ingenious. Ingenious not normally being a childlike quality, but you have to be pretty clever to get the honey away from bees without getting stung! My coloring books are different now - I traded my crayons in for expensive computer paint programs. My stick figures are now high polygon 3d figures. My canvas being in my mind and is forever filled with ideas ranging from beautiful to horrific. It took a long time for me to consider myself an artist, or even artistic for that matter. I had to redefine the words for myself. Casting aside that art has to include a certain form, line or style. Realizing that no matter what my end product, be it stick figures or an elaborate medieval scene; it was indeed art because it came from my imagination. I still like coloring books, and a fresh box of Crayolas makes me feel like I'm six again. And no, I don't color within the lines.

Catch me over at my Facebook page if you like - I love having new 3d friends over there!!

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