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Name : Sandy Wilson

Age: In my heart, 20 something.. in my body, old as the hills.. in actuality.. I was a flower child in the 60s, so you can guess from there ;)

Marital Status: Still on our honeymoon.. after 25 years :)

Also have a wonderful son who brings me joy every day.

Location: Canada.. on the prairies. A place I find full of beauty and traditional values.

Heritage: Most directly, Irish, English (Australian), Scots, Scandinavian and Cree, though there are many others mixed in over the generations.

Passions: My family - husband, and son, motorcycles, dogs, horses, art of many forms, photography, people and computer games. I also love music even though I can't play a note.

My art: I started drawing as soon as I could see.. around age 4 when surgery gave me sight. All my life I played with various media, though I never felt I was any good at any of them. Though perhaps tattooing was where I excelled.
I started playing with computer graphics about 2000 and fell in love with it. For awhile I even tattoed some of my computer generated images. Until my illness made me too weak to hold a tattoo gun.
I discovered 3D in 2006.. there is no going back.. I love it. It gives me wings where my stricken body can't venture. Sadly though, my mind is slipping away too.. that is the reason I am not producing much. I struggle with each piece trying to get things to work, often failing. It gets harder as time goes on to learn what I need to do to make the images in my mind come to fruition.
I do hope I can bring smiles, or moments of thought to you all with my art. :)

And BTW, I do love this community. You all mean a lot to me.  {{{hugs}}}


P.S. For those who may have missed it, my little blurb on lighting is

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