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What to say?

Well, firstly I'll be gobsmacked if anybody is actually reading this ;) Me? Born in England, grew up on the Isle of Man, went to school in Canada briefly, emigrated to Australia for 13 years, then returned to the UK. I know.. I get about...

I’ve got no training in art whatsoever and my freehand drawing skills are very limited, so it’s mostly more a case of enthusiasm, optimism, hope in the face of experience, reading a lot of tutorials, accidents and random experiments. Oh and cups of tea. I ended up here entirely by chance and it’s been both a revelation and a joy.

As to software I use Daz3D, Bryce (occasionally), Photoshop, plus Hexagon 2.5 and Poser 6 for any modelling.  And UV mapper pro for UV unwrapping as it just makes life a much nicer place to be.

I'm afraid I grew up between the pages of Lord of the Rings, was heavily involved with Medieval Re-Enactment Groups in Aus (I know... go figure), fell in love with Victorian High Goth, Consulting Detectives *sigh*, various tragic poets, vampires, ripping yarns of the adventurous kind, Steampunk, pirates, ice hockey, music that sweeps away your soul, dancing barefoot to drums and random stubbly blokes with swords. Reality is too interesting a concept to only have one to play in. :)

Renderosity was found via a random trawl shortly after I first downloaded Daz Studio with a bit of a ‘oop, what the heck is this then’ thought. Once I'd wandered across it, I found I couldn’t stop coming back. Some of the artwork here is incomparably brilliant, and it's all shared in a great spirit of friendship and helpful feedback. There are some amazing artists from many fields here who are incredibly generous with their advice and time.

Currently I’m tentatively poking my toe into the waters of actually producing 3d models, in and around my day-job as I clearly don’t have either enough to do or enough stress in my life ;) But then, a day without learning something is probably a day in which I’ve really not given living my best shot. I don't know why I do it, but to be honest, I can imagine giving up breathing first. 

I get the feeling there's much much more to be done with it than I'm currently doing. But isn't there always?

So I’d just like to say a huge thanks to all those who've taken the time to stop by, comment, advise, beta-test, write tutorials, answer forum questions and generally be around. It's really appreciated, and believe me, you have made a difference.

Hope you have fun, enjoy your rendering and keep trying new stuff!

Thanks for reading and have a great day... Skip xx 

Oh! If you want to keep up to date on anything I'm doing 3d-wise (products, freebies and all that), come visit me at:

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