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Took my user name because of my band, King Dice; it's from a Bowie song, "Sons of the Silent Age". Sam Therapy is more than a stage name to me, it's my 'alter ego'; a character I can play when I crank up my guitar and yell. :)

Born April 20 1959, Sheffield, UK. Right handed, left wing, atheist. Tattoo on left upper arm, gold tooth lower right molar. Mixed race. Make that *very* mixed race; I have English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French, Italian, German, Danish, Icelandic, African, and whoever knows what else in there. :)

I live in Rotherham, a small (and not at all pleasant) town near to Sheffield, with the Love of My Life, Claire, known on this site as PurpleJelly.  We intend to tie the knot one day and have our own set of Millennium kids.

My pics fall into three categories; self expression, "I wonder if..." and total rubbish. The sad but true fact is that the more adept I became in Poser, the less I had to say, which is why my gallery posts are few and far between these days.

I have spent most of my artist career (ha bloody ha) working in Photoshop, paint, pen and pencil, and it was only by chance that I discovered Poser. Consequently, I'm still discovering things that I can do with the software. I enjoy the "nuts and bolts" side as much as the artistry.

Artists I look up to are many and varied, although I do not ever attempt to copy them, I give my greatest respects to Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Damien Hurst, and - a fellow Poser artist - Ilona Vozari. All of these artists have shown me that expression is limited only by imagination. I have had the pleasure of meeting Ms Vozari in person and she has my utmost respect, not only for her technique and style, but for her sheer, outstanding talent and "Oh, let's try this" attitude. All that and she's a lovely person, too. Best buddy, you could say.

Other artists I look up to are just too damn numerous to mention.  I admire and respect anyone who loves to create, whatever their choice of media.

What else is there to say? I do music, I do pictures, I do stuff. Have a nice life and be good to yourselves.  And, of course, each other. The latest and by far greatest happening in my life is the birth of my son, Samuel Anthony, on Sept 7 2009. He's a beautiful little boy and I am totally in love with the little guy.

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