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the above doesn't look like me - my hair is longer and grayer, I wear glasses and I've got a few more laugh and life lines in my face, but thirty+ years ago, it would've been right on target!

I was introduced to Bryce back in 2001/2002 and immediately fell in love! I've always been creative but never thought I could make anything 'artistic' since I can barely draw stick figures. Bryce changed all my negative thinking. Not saying my art is good or bad, but I think it's as least better than my stick figures!

Having Multiple Sclerosis means I have good days and bad days. Bad days I have trouble typing so comments will be short and (hopefully) sweet; good days I'll wax more poetic LOL. If you send me a site mail, it isn't personal if I don't get back to you right away because my memory sucks. (which is why I'm having to relearn Bryce all over again! AND make myself frequent notes!)

At times I will mention naming a piece after the song playing on one of my favorite internet radio station. One station is where they feature a wide and eclectic mix of world music, predominatly by Native American, First Peoples and other indigeneous artists. The other is the oldies stations where I relive my ill-spent youth! I'm a baby-boomer which is as close as I'll get to revealing my age here!

I live in Alabama with my husband and our 'blended family' of four dogs - our house is maintained for the care and comfort of the dogs; we are ever at their 'bark and call' so to speak! My other hobbies/passions are creating original beaded jewelry and designing my own webpages.

September 26, 2012 - You may see a proliferation of images from me for awhile.  After FOUR YEARS of unavoidable Bryce abstinence due to computer crashes, I may go a bit nuts making up for lost time!

Sept 4, 2012 - Success!! Changed user name from cherokeeheart to moonhawk!!  Yipee!

Sept 3, 2012 - finally got my new website ready for public viewing.  Please feel free to drop by for a visit!


PS - By oral family history, I am part Cherokee but I can't prove it, not well enough for tribal membership anyway.  Also according to oral family history, I am also part Irish, English, German and maybe Norweigan, but I can't prove those bloodlines either!

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