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Bios of Benny aka Bonker

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My name is Benny and I was born back in 1973.
I've always been fond off art, But until recently not more then a hobby, today I do some freelance photography. If you ever need a photographer just let me know.

Besides photo I try to develop my drawing skills. I did get some formal training at the university, but even if it helped it feels like the best and biggest skill increasement came when I actully started to use my eye´s and looked at what I draw. Before I hade some strange idea that you weren´t a skilled artist if you couldn´t draw from your imagination. Today I think that it is the final image that is what matters and not how it was created.

I do cheat in other mediums too. I did some sculptural artworks in metals, clay and even snow at one point but due to change of living conditions I can´t find the space for that anymore.

I have had both good and bad responses about my art, but as I creat for my own enjoyment and cannot create for everyone to like I guess the price for sharing your efforts. I got a good advise from a friend here at the site a few years back. He said as a answer to a remark from me about his high output of good images,  -- it´s not how even you are at creating, it is all about what you choose to display. 

I hope you enjoy my images, and don´t hesitate to write if you wonder anything or just want to say hey.

All the best.

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