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started 2002
modified~5/16/05. . . I think.

Hey!. . .
Doesn't anybody intro? Doesn't anybody READ this stuff? LOL.
I've been working on and using a computer since '98. Actually started 95, but had to stop for a while~ no 'puter.
I've always been "drawn" toward artistic/inventive endeavers. I left my signature on the wombwall before I was born. ~ Not kidding, he he.
Hmm, need a char count at this point~
Update~6/17/05; Welcome new GrandBaby~ Lily Magdeline . . .
OK. . . 'bout me~ I'm a single grandmom of Three, mother of two, and speeding toward Um,60(I have now decided I'm not going there without a knockdown, dragout, fight~News at 11 ~LOL) while still trying to "get my act together", heh heh.
->rem-Modified 08/03/06<-
I'm hooked on: EBAY!~ At least there I "win something" occasionally! LMAO!, ~And taking pics with my digital and, accumulating and investigating software and anything else of a tech or mystery solving nature. . . better toys now, then when I was a kid.
I've also amassed quite a collection of books~ most of which I still haven't read, thank you life~ heh heh. I'd trade 'em, bookcases and all for a 'puter, LOL. Hey, I would have traded the kids, but they're to old now~/just kidding, girls, just kidding. . .
(UPDATE/mod: '2006 I am now, "slowly" getting together a barebones system, that I started in April of this year~ hmmm, now where did I put that clawhammer?)
I have no phone, no tv, and. . . ~no car! (as of now, that's a blessing~LOL) but I do have internet access~ Yippeee!
'nuf sed


5/16/02? I'm finally going to be doing a bit more with 3D! ("she sez") I've finally downloaded Caligari TrueSpace 3.2 . . . and installed it, heh heh,
YES! ~Now lets see if I can focus long enuf on this one! LOL.

7/17/02? Hi! Anybody having trouble with the edit for favs? I tried to enter comments after the fact but it wouldn't work! Does anybody know why? Maybe I'll just have to remove my unfinished entrys, then reenter 'em all again~ Please, if anyone knows why it didn't work, send me an im. Thanks~
UPDATE. . . it works now.

10/02 Oh No! I sent myself a test message. . .? forgot it was from me, and I answered it~
Well at least I know SOMEONES responding to what I write. ;)
Ahhh, the machines being a brat, lifes being a brat, the worlds being a brat. . . guess we're ALL going a little bratty~
Time to dredge and shore up the timeline.

10/31/03 Happy Halloween ;) both daughters showed up with the grandkids. . . Hopefully I get pics.
My goodness, my 5'2" daughter had shoes on that made her almost as tall as her 5'9" sister~LOL

11/27/03 Late post~ My grandson's Birthday, the little guy didn't get to spend it with his mommy. The step-granddad took him up to Boston. Looonng ugly story~ Just ask. . .

12/01/03 Turkey day has come and gone,
but the weight stays,
on and on and on~ LOL

12/16/03 Whoosh~~~ did anybody see who ran off with yesterday? LOL. Why is it, the older you get, the faster things go?. . .or is it that we've gotten slower so it just looks that way, (but it isn't?)! ~hmmm~
deleted~ hmmm? I wonder what I was mad about?

01/12/04 Now where was I? Oh! Yes! ~is it to late to say~ "HAPPY NEW YEAR"!? Nah. Not when your as slow as I am, heh heh.
Its good to be slow at this time, 'cause by the time you finally decide what your New Year Resolutions are going to be, its to late to break 'em. ;)
I do have one resolution though: Its to not use any more LOLs, in this, till next year~
Ooops, looks like I broke that one!

03/16/04 Smile. I'm here to help you find your way. First take the hallway to your right, and shift it to the left till you can almost see an elevater just beyond the farthest perspective in the lower right hand quadrant of your screen, which will be just perpendicular to the center field of view, relative to the paralax parameters that are equal to the lateral movements of your eyes as they seek a way out of the dilema these directions might have put you in~ Heh heh.

07/19/04 Hello to anybody who takes an interest in stopping by. ;\ Heres some news: My niece's husband recently awoke from a coma in a very bad motorcycle accident, everyones praying he'll be able to walk, . . . My sister was broadsided by the drunk son of a JUDGE, she says shes ok ~car needed over $4000.00 repairs, . . . My youngest daughter is still trying to get her son back from the step-grandfather(said they were just trying to help her till she got on her feet and had a stable environment)-shes had a place for over a year-(they went after her for child support and had tried to get her to pay for daycare)All this while trying to help her?!!!,. . . I've been diagnosed with some kind of autoimmune thing~, I've always thought the pain wasn't just "in my head" LOL, . . . My oldest is being medically evaluated for repeated misscarriage, . . . My boyfriend was diagnosed with severe bronchitis, . . . My girl friend had to have back surgery, . . . A close friend of my boyfriend's has prostate cancer and was recently in hospital. WAIT. Stop. I don't want to hear anymore news.

11/05/04 Ok, I give up. Time for a restart and a rethink. Anybody got any clear instructions on how to "play" the game? Heh heh.

01/28/05 Last entry didn't load~ so since its still O1/ I wish you all a Happy Year! Looks like the hd is smarting out, and had trouble w/bups. za'Oh well, theres worse things in life could happen. . . 'n I've had quite a few of 'em happen, heh heh. Being human just ain't easy, next time I'm coming back as a porpoise, or at least something that looks like its enjoying itself, ~and doesn't wake up one day realizing, its too stiff 'n old to play like a kid, when it finally has the freedom and gumption too do so.

04/22/05 Here it is, 2:37am, and I keep thinking how I just can't think of anything else to say. . . heh heh~ Yeah Right!

05/24/05 Happy Birthday Zen!

06/17/05 Happy FirstDay Lily!

09/07/05 A fools lead foreshadows great sorrow.

01/02/06 Ha-Appy New Year. . . Well, somethings got to go right this time. Everybody say: AMEN!!!

01/24/06 Geesh~

01/30/06 Well somebody requested I put my pic on here~ This is the best I could do for now. The shot was a very bad hair day one, and my eyes were all squinty and funny looking, so I ditified it.

03/13/06 Self-sufficiency- In today's reality, it is rarer then a cool spot on the sun.

07/15/06 My! ~How fast ones feet can fly, once the survival instinct takes hold. . .

07/31/06 If we truly learned from our mistakes~ then all our wars, should have taught us how to have peace. *SASk. . .

11/15/06 Well? Its been awhile; and now I'm beginning to accept the fact that, this is just another off ramp of distraction. ~My mind has been so bombarded, that it has fractured into a billion pointless reflections; ~like those tiny mirrors in those DLP hdtv displays. aaaaggghhhh!

11/18/06 Playstation 3?! Hmmm~ Maybe they should have named it: Fightstation 3. . .

01/25/07 I thought I was, but. . .now I realize; I was jumping to conclusions, on that one.
Well'st, anyways~ Happyish 'O7 to, ~hey! you! you reading my stuff again? Don't you know they have blogs for this kind of stuff?! Now, get out 'o here, and go read a blog. . . sheesh!
03/01/07 We meet again, myself and I. . . with not much to talk about, since we know the other so well, we can read the other's mind.
~Hey! I was going to type that!!
Well, too bad, I typed it first!
. . . Dang!!! I've had enough of your split personality better-then-me atitudes~ I'm out'o here~
Yeah, well, go! I want to see how you'll manage that one without dragging me with you~ and I'm not going. . . Oh no! Wait! Not that!!! ~Pu-lease don't uninstall my Twisted Brush! I'll go.
G'nite all.;)

10/08/07 Er?. . . so what do you mean-"blog"- Hey, yoo-hoo. . . tired now, think I'll take a break.

03/13/08 Yipes, one more year to eek, ack, auck, si si si. . .s-sixty! Nope, I'm not going to let that happen. The gov makes the clock turn back; therefore I'm gonna make the year; hmm, make that years turn back! Lets see, I think I'll go back to? Hmm. 14! LOL~ Thats it! Forever.

01/01/2009 Somebody Puh~lease take that sac 'o '08 out the back 'n put it in the trash before it stinks up the New Year. . . anyway dudes and dudettes,  Happy ball drop '09 to you~ May it smell like Roses, at the end

10/23/2009 from all that has befallen my life and family, especially my young daughter, perhaps it is intended that I must become a warrior~

04/19/2011 Two years~ I am in College at 62.  Should have been 22. . . lots of should-have-beens at this point, and my daughter is still fighting the devil tooth and bone and my armor is like an eggshell.

11/05/2012 My photography entry in Renderosities 2012 Halloween Contest: "UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER" . . . 
   The day of the wedding began and so did the cravings. He thought her behavior odd, but what did he know, he’d never been with a woman like her before. She knew what she wanted in a man and the poor guy was really mistaken when he took her talk of being really great in the kitchen as a sign of a “good cook”. He couldn’t wait to get a taste of her cooking. . . trouble was, she felt the same way about him when it came to “taste”.Gurgle. . . slurp~Yum!   The day of the wedding began and so did the cravings. He thought her behavior odd, but what did he know, he’d never been with a woman like her before. She knew what she wanted in a man and the poor guy was really mistaken when he took her talk of being really great in the kitchen as a sign of a “good cook”. He couldn’t wait to get a taste of her cooking. . . trouble was, she felt the same way about him when it came to “taste”.

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