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Hello. My name is Corinthians(yes, that is my REAL legal name) and it's pronounced KOR-EHN-THEE-ANS. People call me "Cori"  so..corinthianscori became my avatar name.

I've made the decision to be indie in a completely Hollywood 3D scape. That means most of what I produce or admire won't be standard or popular to the mainstream. More often than not I'll steer clear of beauty-queens and super-models in my work. For me, beauty is not defined by Hollywood or the images of health and perfection from pop culture.

Health and beauty - to me - are defined by emotion and spirit, not by body and mind. This can a difficult concept for many to grasp, and I completely understand their difficulty to comprehend it. After all, I used to be on the other side of the fence refusing anything indie.

I try to convey emotion and spirit in my work. And my goal is not always to inspire pleasant or optimistic things, either. Again, I've decided to be indie and that means no Barbie girls in pretty dresses or sword-wielding half-naked women. It means I've decided to go against the grain, and I do that because I know in my heart that this community wants more than just glossy double-cover spreads. I'd like to give those things to them.

Don't get the wrong impression. I'm not a cerbreal person though I do like to consider grand things like where mankind came from, where we're going, and how best to get there. Between thinking and doing I relax with some baise humor, or dazzlingly gorgeous cinemetography.

But most of the time I'm on complete geek mode, laughing at goofy jokes, and drooling at 3D this-and-thats.


Thank you!

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