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ColdWarBaby [Add Friend]

Cold War Babies

We are the children of the hydrogen bomb,raised in the shadow of nuclear war. We don't remember where it all began,we never knew what you were fighting for. We are the children of the air raid drill,hiding under the desk in our first grade class. Cover your head,curl up in a ball and don't look up at the window glass. We are the children of the fallout shelter,we were told it would be safe inside. To this lie there is only one answer,there will be no place to hide.

A song lyric I wrote, back in my rock & roll days around 1980.

Edgar Allen Poe is my favorite author.

Reality is for people who lack imagination. I don't know who said it, but I like it.

First contact. When I landed on this planet in 1947, I had no idea. Imagine surviving all this time.

I will push the envelope and probably some peoples buttons from time to time. Get over it. This is how we grow.

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