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drawlyzer [Add Friend]

Hello, I am writing to let you know we have removed your image \"Goldie´s Party\" from the Poser gallery, as it is in violation of our Child Nudity Guidelines, which can be found at the following link: From the TOS Child Nudity Guidelines: * No Child Nudity: Images of children or characters resembling children (including teens, pre adolescent, child like fairies and other imaginary figures) under 18 years of age, depicting nudity are no longer permitted. * No child nudity of any kind which includes exposed chest on females, buttocks or genitals. * No images in which characters under the age of 18 give the appearance of having no clothes. * No use of: transparent clothes, blurring of nude areas, or the use of \'blots\" or \'Censored\" wording or props to cover areas that are otherwise not clothed. While your image is technically not nude, the figure looks very young and is dressed in such skimpy and revealing clothing that we feel it falls under the child nudity guidelines. While you do have a prior history of images having been removed for child nudity, since this image is technically not nude, we are simply removing the image not issuing a warning but just reminder for the future. If there is anything in the guidelines you need clarification on, please let me know. Please ensure that future postings remain within these guidelines and our wider Terms of Service, as further posts which violate these could result in you receiving a warning. If you are unsure of an image please feel free to contact a site staff member (listed at the top of each gallery) and they will be more than happy to bring your image into the staff area for review Kind Regards, Acadia Poser Co-ordinator
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