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Hi, I'm Frank Rizzo and you are a figment of my imagination

My bio thing

   I only do what the voices in my head tell me to do. I really dig art and music, for me they go hand in hand. I'm interested in a lot of different arts = Fantasy, sci-fi, pencil drawings, comic or line art, escaping straight jackets, paintings, cgi, videogame cut scenes & trailers, alcohol, anime, photography, sculptures, writing, making a public ass out of myself to embarrass my girlfriend (and yes, that is an art),  you get the point.

   This is a site full of some crazy talent, so you should look at my favorites list if you have the time. It has a variety of extremely talented artist's work, I know this because i have seen it...its true. I have a ton of them so get comfy and make a day of it.

   I've got no training or experience with this but I did stay at a Holiday Inn. I started rendering around the beginning of  August 2007, and I have absolutely no clue what the hell I'm doing, but I'm having fun doing it so it's all good. I should probably pick up a tutorial or three but I'm stubborn and like to learn through trial and error. I'm the guy that will struggle for hours rather than just read the directions or look at a map. Feel free to give me any feedback, I'll soak it in like a dry sponge. 

   I've also infected a few other sites with my presence, but my name changes depending on the b.a.c. in my system at the time. I'm mostly active here or at deviantART. I'm known as Frank Rizzo but that is just a pseudonym, the name is actually an old joke as well as a real life alias I use to mess with people at parties and such. It's a long story, don't ask ;)

I also run a few different groups over at devianArt  that vary in Medium, Genre and Theme. In particular is a Poser/daz 3D group, and a Fantasy group that all mediums are welcome. So if you are over there check it out, add me as well if you want. Be more than happy to talk to ya ;)
deviantART -

   Thanks for having me here, and I do occasionally try to render some artwork. So if your really bored and have nothing better to do it might be worth it to wander on by my gallery and take a peek. Who knows, you might actually like it.  I really appreciate and thank anybody who actually took the time to read this, you have more patience than I.

Have a good one,
Frank Rizzo


P.S. The friends list right below here is exactly how it was added. I didn't shuffle people around or anything, not that anybody cares but just so ya know.

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