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The Shinyary are a reality-bending race in a home-made Role-Playing Game I made once upon a time. The game was too complicated to work out. Liked the name, though. I started programming computer games when I was about 11 or 12 years old, and got involved with Paint Shop Pro, Bryce, and Poser to make graphics for my games. Eventually I just transitioned into more "pure" art.

The intro pretty much says it all. I am completely self-taught, everything I know being from tutorials on the internet, but mostly just stuff I figured out myself. I have never taken a formal art class. Interestingly, although I began art as a means for computer game programming, I have never finished any large computer game that took more than a few days to create. I have, however, finished several large art projects. Special thanks for inspiration to: Rochr MarioG Eliaskell over on Thanks for your interest!

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