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Just call me Katt

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Hi kids ... firstly, call me Katt ... not Diva ... LOL


I live in a small town ... a few hours east of Toronto, called Amherstiew .... in Canada ...

I am not married .... the only kids I "have" are the ones I watch for their parents on occasion .... and as for pets, I have 10 crested geckos of various ages ... they don't bite, are very quiet and low maintenance for upkeep, and I also have a small cat named Ravyn. There are pics on my FaceBook for those who want to see them all.  

I started playing in poser in 2005, and started creating in 2008 with my first creations being a texture set for Aery Soul's Elven Strapped (it works with their V4 version too btw) and my Aurilea for V3 ... she is a bit of an Amazon though ... LOL

When I am playing Poser God (LOL) I use Poser 9, Photoshop CS, PaintShop Pro XII, UV Mapper Classic for clothing maps, INJ Pose Builder, Injection Magic, and ShaderWorks Library .... and of course my coffee maker!

The time needed for creating either character or clothing textures depends on how complex the outfit is and how complex I get with the figure textures. I am currently trying to up my skills in figures, so I am trying to use more nodes and the such to make better skin results. There are simpler ways to do this, but I want to go in a direction that will make me learn more. With this though, there is a risk of making something not compatible in DAZ, but I am hoping to be able to provide some additional files for DAZ use that are more simpler yet give as close to the same effect as the Poser version files. This also applies for clothing textures, of course.

A lot of what I have learned has come about between seeing how others have created their things, research for tutorials and some great friends who help me in many ways. Its not hard, it just takes making that first step towards trying.

My favorite program is Poser. It has come a long way since version 5, and can do so much now. When you add in other programs like Photoshop and PaintShop, or even the bigger ones like Blender, Maya, ZBrush ... you can go SO much further!

My advice for new creators ... just go for it! Start simple ... make stuff for just yourself to use ... and then grow from there. Take chances ... learn new things ... and remember you can always ask others for help when you get stuck! You never know where that first step can lead you ...

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