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:: 30, female, Finnish :: :: Deviant in a positive way ::

Who am I... Hm, tough. Saying I'm a 30-year-old Finnish woman does not really say much about me now does it? Let's see if I can think of something more revealing. Someone once asked me if I've ever been to a serious accident. "Yes", I said, "it's called life". (Come to think of it, I should've said it's called marriage. *dry laughter*) So, um, yes. I'm 30 with a MA in Finnish linguistics and literature. I am qualified to work as a teacher in both junior and senior high school but at the moment I am not teaching anyone at all - except for myself I guess. I work as a freelance graphics artist, writer and jewelry "designer" (I make jewelry, but I don't really consider myself to be anything as fancy as a "Jewelry designer"). I've done quite a lot of freelance work for a Finnish computer magazine which together with my Poser earnings paid for my rent, bills and food for a few years. I've yet to find what they call "a real job". I live with my love - who is not only the man of my dreams but also my best friend in the world - and our two little mice. I would say I'm generally very easy to get along with. Send me an IM if you ever feel like it - I won't bite. My good character traits are general sweetness, good sense of humour and generosity. My negative character traits are terrible impatience, occasional pessimism and my tendency to worry a lot about everything. I have a soft spot for beautiful things: digital art, nature, clothes, people... you name it. There's beauty everywhere. I'm also nuts about most sweet things including ice cream, chocolate and all kinds of cookies (hence my chubby appearance). Music has always had a big role in my life. I have an undying love for bands like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Blackmore's Night and UB40 but you're also very likely to find me in my apartment sometime, doing the dishes and dancing to an old Harry Belafonte album. I've been doing digital art since, uh, 2000 I think. I mostly use Poser (because I'm too dumb to really learn how to use Bryce) and Photoshop, which is my favourite program ever :) I also enjoy designing websites, chatting and doing all sorts of things on the computer. I'm a geek, so what? :P Anyway, that was probably enough. Now go see my gallery and buy my stuff... LOL

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