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XOT......always on the run.....waiting for that robotic hand to land on a shoulder....


"Do you think XOT got away?"
"They say it happened."
"But is XOT alive?"
"Who knows, what I want is the bed that's left behind."
"And the boots?"
"Worn out, like the rest of XOT. You can have them."
"What about XOT's renders?"
"Throw them out, nobody's interested in seeing them."
"All that time, effort, and pain."
"I just hope that bed's not worn out."
"I wonder if those boots will fit me?"


REAL artist username = XOT

Often, when I visit a bookstore I'm not so much interested in the books themselves but more the cover art. :-) -- So if my artwork gravitates towards that kind of look then you know why.

I like to just 'play' with whatever it is I'm doing and let it evolve from that rather than set out and do something that's planned out.....and never hold me to a deadline either.

Most of the time these days I find that my energy levels and duration of time that I can spend on any one thing is much more limited due to health so it's usually a race as to finishing any one project or have pain overcome me. - It's not a unique situation. In fact many people here & everywhere are quite similar in that regard and use the pastime of doing artwork for relaxation, distraction, and expression.

When all is said and done though it's just a hobby. - One that involves being cordial and friendly to others, being helpful, having a laugh at oneself and perhaps learning something on the way.

I'm a private person with a multitude of pseudonyms. Don't be suprised if you come across me elsewhere....or not. - Perhaps last seen in various places as ZOT, XOTT, and XOTT. :-P

Like most people here I welcome friendly comments on the images I make and it's always nice to know I've made somebody's life a little more enjoyable even if just for a few seconds. - So thanks for the comments because they're always appreciated. :-)

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