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Melikia, the Harmonic Kitty

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Not sure yet what I want to put in here....

I've always been creative.... but was easily frustrated with my lack of abilities.  The old adage "practice makes perfect" irritated me to no end.  Enter adolescence & young adulthood, and an alphabet soup mixture of labels applied to me by the "good old" docs.  After being turned into a zombie by well-intentioned doctors and slowly pulling myself out of that dead-feeling place they left me in, I realized the only one who could truly help me - was me.

As the fog cleared, I turned to the one thing I knew would help.... artwork.  Yet, again, I was frustrated.  But this time I was determined... I wanted to be a normal human being again, and using my artwork as a method of expressing myself was the key.  I quickly outgrew a free program I found - VCW Vicman's Photo Express.  After a bit of research, I decided the next step was adobe photoshop.  Yet, still, I was frustrated.  I was in love with the styles of Boris & a few others, and I wanted to try to recreate that magical mystical feeling.  I knew there had to be a way beyond painting by hand (which, given my lack of living space, would have been nigh on impossible - not to mention my lack of abilities once more).  More research.... and I discovered poser. 

Now here was something I knew I could use - but OH MY!  all those buttons and terms I had no idea what meant.  My first person turned into a pretzel.  Slowly, with a lot of trial and error, I learned about the dials, and started figuring things out.  7 years later, I look back on it all and go "wow.  Look how far I've come - and look how much I still have to learn!"  I've since added Vue 6, 7, and now 9.5inf into my workflow, and have loved it from the start =D

As for the zombie.... she's gone now.  And I refuse to allow her to return.  I will forever be grateful to the wonderful creators of photoshop, poser, and vue for making available the tools I needed to be able to fully express myself, and to all the artists that I've watched over the years - you give me hope, inspiration, and the confidence to keep trying.

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