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Welcome to my Gallery, thank you so much for visiting! My name is David, and I am a native to sunny San Diego, California, USA. I'm single, never married and no children, but have my tropical fish and three computers to keep me company, and it's never a dull moment here! Between the fish leaping out of the tank and my computer components blowing up, it makes me busy! *Laffs*

I have been on Renderosity since November 23, 2004, and have a strong background in 3D and 2D graphics and retail game development as a 3D level designer and texture artist. I've been into computers since 1994 and have learned to build my own from scratch which I enjoy immensely; yet another fascinating romantic endeavor! My primary weapons are Poser 6, Vue Infinite, 3d Studio Max, and Photoshop CS; a myriad of other programs also help me yield the results for my images depending on what I need for a given project. My nickname 'Shardz' stems back to the year 1994 when I was online playing my friends in games like Descent (I'm lethal in that game), Quake, Warcraft, etc. I have adapted the name to suit my online persona as life has dealt me some very difficult lessons that I still struggle to learn every day. I'm no stranger to oblivion, yet I'm no stranger to kindness and love, either. The trials of life can be most interesting and can strengthen you if you choose to learn from them.

I'm currently working on several projects that are gobbling my time like crazy; the most prominent is my ShardzScapes background pack which will be at least six months in the making and should be in the market place by Spring of 2107. To those who know me, I'm a bit eccentric and very passionate about what I do, and the perfectionist in me often draws me away from the site for weeks on end to complete a single image. It used to take me about a day to create and post an image, now it takes me weeks; hopefully my gallery reflects this fact and the progress can be witnessed browsing from the start. Art is irrelevant to time, but I'm an advocate of pushing the limits to create environments and scenes that have only been in my imagination and perhaps almost unreachable by my hardware's capabilities. I prefer fantasy based themes, but I have been entertaining other genres lately that I haven't posted yet. No image shall be uploaded before its' time, but when the time is right it shall be done! Bless all of you for your immense support in my short stint here on the site, and your inspiration, friendship, guidance, and knowledge have illumintated my path thus far!

Let's keep it unreal in 2006, and I'm looking forward to seeing boundaries pushed and development times elongated to create the most spectacular stuff ever seen! Take an extra day or two, learn other programs, extend your graphic regions by reading and studying other artist's galleries! It's all about growing, expanding, and creating better images, and making new friends along the way who inspire us and make us think and progress. There is a wealth to be learned on this site just by reaching out to another artist, to make it a point to IM someone new every week, to compliment someone who has so much talent and not much recognition. Be the best you can be and realize we are not alone here; it will be your greatest reward. May the Render Gods prevail and set us free! Please enjoy my gallery, it's my labor of love from me to you.

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