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I am 30+ Libra (w/ Leo rising) and a Rat born in the hours of the Tiger; writer, amateur photographer, a single mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend and an eccentric individual. BTW, the pics I use here (and in my gallery) are taken by me and copyrighted by me unless otherwise noted. Please also note that I have a thing about eyes, especially my own... This pic is a portion of some writing I did on the apt bldg I lived in last year with my son's chalk...

pics of my friends, family and other things (I'm so lazy, but it's much easier putting in links so if you are really curious you can satisfy your curiousity fully) ;> I love all types of music but prefer dancing to old school goth and industrial. I read alot, mainly sci-fi, fantasy and horror. I take a ton of pics with my digital camera (which you'll know if you went to my pic site). I love cats and am indifferent to dogs. I have classified myself as a pagan for a number of years but wonder if even that is too much of a label and am rolling around "spiritualist" as my new self-imposed label. I am a survivor. Got the diagnosis on my son on Dec 16th 2004 and he is autistic though they think he's mildly so and will be higher functioning... My adoptive Mom died of cancer on Nov 2, 2004 and words cannot convey how I feel about that. Though I do a lot of various emotional purging with my poetry. I may also write about how I feel since I ended my marriage in January of 2005. I also tend to be rather opinionated and have no qualms about sharing those opinions and it's possible you've come here after reading a comment I've left on your work or something I've said in a forum... P.S. I write #1 for myself, mainly to purge things that poison me (so it's usually dark stuff) and with the occassional sweetness or humour-filled one thrown in. I also write and share my work so that other people who may feel the same or similar to the way that I do, whether or not they've had the same life experiences, can realize that they are not alone in this world and that other people do understand.

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