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Philippe Gerber - (PhG47)

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Hello the artists,

My name is Philippe Gerber. I was born on September 12th, 1961 to Fribourg, in Switzerland. I always live in the region of Fribourg, more exactly to Villars-sur-Glâne. I alias on artists' sites is PhG47. I am married with her really "Her", the one who occupies my heart,... she names Fabienne... and I have two children, Evelyne and Denis.


I have a training of base, of Engineer ETS/HES in general mechanics, however, from the beginning my professional career the data processing became a passion for me, in the same way as the drawing. I work, at present, in the development of computer applications for the management of doctor's offices, with products as, Visual Studio and Office of Microsoft.

I always liked drawing, I was doubtless born with a pencil in the hand. Since the age of 15 years, I draw feminine portraits, with this scrap of wood and graphite. But from 2004, I put for a moment my pencil idol and I dash into a technique of drawing 3D numeric, by stealing from time a lot in my nights... It is this work which I present, here, today...

I do not know if I can speak about discovery, my profession and my personal environment always favored the numeric tools. Some years ago, I had approached the generator of landscape, Bryce2, then Bryce5, without being really satisfied by my work. But the discovery of Poser5, Poser6, Poser7 and the products of e-on software, Vue 4 d'Esprit, Vue 5 Pro Studio, Vue 5 Infinite, Vue 6 Infinite, allowed me to express me really in the drawing 3D numeric. Everything was naturally made, but with a lot of work, naturally.

I am sensitive to all which conveys an emotion, or a deep message. To be able to communicate through a stage setting and a lighting, seduces me. It is a real pleasure to realize personal works, that allow me to express my sensibility freely and unlimited. These tools of computer generated images are a mixture of technical challenges, creativity and an acutely measured alchemy; it is constantly necessary to question and it is a good lesson of humility.


I did not think, that the woman that I draw, can take such a place, become my model, and a recognized beacon of all...

Some years ago, I passed of the pencil in the mouse and now, I have the happiness to live with "her", and it is the pleasure which I could not have somewhere else. I am happy to see her happy. In the course of time, it became my glance and the road which opens on the creativity.

I believe that, as me, she like closing eyes in the sunlight, feeling on the face, the shadow, the light, the caress of the wind, and the infinite space. I am not, as someone think of it, lovers of my model. It goes beyond. She remains, for me, a fictitious character. She will never speak to me, but I know that through "her", I offer to the others, the emotion and the poetry who are in me.

Then without her, there would be only an image, that a scene, that a landscape...

(Please excuse me for my English, I express myself only in French.)

Friendly Philippe

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