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Welcome to My Little City in the Big Sity!

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Hi, I used to go by ~White Wolf~ but everyone called me ~Wolfie~ and it has kind of stuck.  I love Poser, and the ability to grow, as I love to make and learn new things with this amazing software.  I've  been messing about in Poser since it was owned by 'Meta Creations' (you do the math), but never really got into it until 2003-04.

I am the 'creator' (if you will) of Mix n Match (Mega, Ultimate, Extreme, and Infinite).  I love giving people the ability to do whatever they can with what a base package will allow.  I will always push them to the Mega, Ultimate, Extreme, or Infinite limits of what is possible.  It is what I do, and it is what I have been doing for a very long time...and it's what I plan on doing for longer still.  I get many requests for products with 'difficult' UV maps... but I don't let those things slow me down.  I will bust my arse to be sure to find a way of working with these packs to supply what was requested... and then some... with my killer mat pose packages that are often imitated.. but hardly duplicated.  Yes, it's not uncommon for my texture add on packages to have over 2500 mat poses, and I have even had one package hit over 5500 mat poses.  Yes, I did say 5500.  lol

In case you hadn't guessed, I am a lady. Yes, a lot of people often thought I was a man. (must be the nick name) ??

Anyway, I'm 40 (1974) and a married mother of two babies aged 20 yrs and 14 yrs, both boys. Actually, make that four babies cause I would have to argue that my BMW 330xi and my JEEP Wrangler Rubicon are also 'my' babies. LOL!

I am a Canadian. Born and bred. Always will be Canadian. Living in Northern Ontario, but not in an igloo.  Although it does get cold enough that we could build one, and it would probably last around 4 months (give or take) before slowly melting. It's not uncommon for it to hit, in the winter, a low of -40 degrees Celsius (Celcius and Fahrenheit meet at -40 for those of you who use the incorrect format *smile*)


P.S.  Please don't be offended if you send a friend request and I do not accept it.  I'm not the type of person who 'collects' friends just for the sake of it.  My friends are worth more to me then a mere 'status symbol', nor will they ever be a 'trophy collection'.

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