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I walk the darker path that many fear to travel. I do not see my way, I feel my way, and many times I stumble. But that's okay for the more I fall, the more I learn, and eventually I can skip the trouble. The darker path is the longer path, but it makes all worth while. The brighter path is easier and hence it is more traveled. But also it is crowded and filled with confused people. I move among the shadows for the shadows move with me. It is quiet here and I can hear the woods around me. They speak to me and tell me things that none could ever hear in the light. I do not ask you to join me on this darker path, until you are ready. It is not for all, for some can not bear the falls. Please take your time and prepare yourself if you wish to travel. The darker path is there and will be there when you are able. If you do not wish to walk with me, then don't try to understand. Just accept me as I am, and move it a litte further along down the line.

My free time is usually consumed by making loops into music and the occasional writing.  I don't render anymore and my photoshop skills have been lately confined to business.  My true art lies in my soul with my music, which I document as regularly as I can at my website: (absolute lunacy, just realized I had changed the text of the link, but not the link itself, it still pointed to the old site.  Just updated it to point to the correct site, lets see how this goes!)

Facebook too!

Stay tuned, insanity to pursue.


--edit of Dec 2, 2010--

Usually I have to go back every once in a while and change my descriptions as my perspectives on life change over time, but the above was written over 3 or 4 years ago and I can't change it.  It fits fairly well.  All I really did was remove an outdated reference to MySpace, and update my URL to my new homepage.

I also wanted to add a link to my completed album, Flight of the Airlynx, of which the mp3's are freely available to download but you can buy the professionally produced album from CreateSpace:

It should be available on Amazon as well, but I actually earn a few extra dollars if it sells through my direct store since Amazon takes a larger commission.

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