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David Edward Martin

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I must have chosen Renaissance Man as a career option. I paint, draw, sculpt, write, and do photography.
Or put less charitably, "jack of all trades, master of none."
== Say in NOW, Say it LOUD, I'm a Hack, I'm not PROUD! ==
The joy of the creative life is there are no standards, no goals, no limits.  Just do whatever you feel like doing to the fullest extent of your skills, facilities, faculties, and creativity.
Of course, it helps if everything is on hand, working, the Muse is making regular deliveries, and you're not tuckered or psyched out from your day job (or in my case, the overnight job).

I've been exhibiting at SF convention artshows since '76.
Starting in '86, I've been writing supplements for role playing games. You can find a list at
The best known is THE ULTIMATE POWERS BOOK, a treatise on comic book superpowers. You can find it on EBay or download it from the web. 
As for photography, I'm using a 1976 Minolta SLR, a pair of 1.3 Mp Sanyo digital cameras, and an 8 Mp Canon S5.  My computer is a HP Pavilion 4550Z, vintage 1999.

And I have webbed toes.
So does Dan Ackroyd, Madeline Stowe, and one of the Dixie Chicks.  Ackroyd and I share the same attitude, "The toes prove I'm a mutant."

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