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Hey! I know that loudmouth!

Heh... I tend to be a bit free and easy on my opinions, and tend to shoot off my keyboard (dyslexia and all - and yes I've mostly conquered it), but overall I do try to be tactful :)  By day, I am a Sr. UNIX/Linux Sysadmin for one hell of a large corporation. I am originally from Fayetteville, Arkansas, but have travelled and lived extensively throughout my entire life. Today, as much as I will always call the Ozark Mountains my home, I currently live in NW Oregon, where the hills are taller... and wetter. 


Some needed disclosures, biases, and skeletons:

* I am a previous (2005) employee of DAZ Productions, in the dual capacities of programming and documentation for DAZ Studio (documentation? I wrote the entire original 1.0 DS user manual.)  Oh, and I also constructed the original DAZ forums, but officially disown most of what that has become, socially.

* I have served as a temporary sysadmin at Renderotica, and have helped them a little in their transition to their new (2009) site format.

* I engineered DAZ' purchase of the (now-defunct) PoserPros site/forum, hosted the original Faeriewylde site, probably killed Apollo Maximus (or rather, cut down the ego of its owner), and a whole bunch of other behind-the-scenes crap that you really don't want to know about.

* The good news is, I'm officially retired from all the hell-raising and political crap. :)

* I have a very low tolerance for the drama-queen passive-aggressive bullshit that passes for debate these days.


Otherwise? I do what I like, when I can.

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