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About Me in the Poser Community

Hello! My name is Antonio Miguel Rodriguez Gomes de Melo. Antonio Rodriguez for short. Around the end of the 90's, I discovered the world of 3D, and a program called Poser.  Sites like Renderosity and back then Poser Pros had helped me to realize that my photography of real-live male models could also be excellent sources for new Poser faces and textures as well. So I began making photo-references which were used exclusively by specific vendors for their skins in Poser.

PoserAddicts & Published Artist & Renderosity Vendor

Ten years ago I started PoserAddicts, and in 2007 an all male, youth-safe store called covering all the male figures for Poser and DazStudio.  In 2009 I decided to close for business and integrated all the products into PoserAddicts, as the community had screamed for a place with male-only poses and stuff, but didn't support it whatsoever, so it became a one-sale a month store, not worth the effort of keeping up.

I started off as a Renderosity Vendor with my first full product for use with David 3.0 (works with Hiro 3.0 and even M3) my Harry Potter lookalike texture, Daniel for D3.  (I'm a big Harry Potter fan). I sat for days at a time with Vendor "Jepe" at his home working on my PC side-by-side learning to create a character, use Poser Magnets, save morph targets, create figure character dials, and package up a skin and product for sale on Renderosity.  Thanks to Jepe that he helped me figure out how to write the MAT files and setup overlays and taught me how to paint body hair on a figure.  Pretty much everything to make a guy look like an older Harry Potter or generally good looking guy.  Back then Daniel Radcliffe was around 13 years old, and I took a wild guess at what he might look like at age 20, and oddly enough, now that he is around 22, I wasn't that far off!

In 2007 I became a Daz Published Artist with a series of collaboration works with German Texurist and Daz Published Artist "Jepe".  Combining my exclusive male photo-references and his talent as a texturist, many have enjoyed the likes of figure textures such as "Movie Men VIII - Lionel", "Movie Men IX: Marius", "Jepe's Pierre" and "Jepe's Quentin".  Its been a learning experience working with Jepe and creating cool textures for use with Poser and DazStudio.

Our texture "Sang for M4" came out at Daz3D.  After that I did a self-photo-shooting in order to provide exclusive photo material for the creation of "Jepe's Rodan 2.0" at Daz3D.  The entire skin is me.  I am 100% duplicated on Michael 4.0, including beard-variations which are my own, once in natural and once colored.  It was fun doing and seeing myself become part of Poser/DazStudio history.  So everytime you see M4 as Jepe's Rodan (minus the George Clooney morph) you're seeing me.

In 2010 I decided to work together with a new team of people to make new characters for Genesis, at Daz3D, and joined forces with Male-M3Dia, JSGraphics and ForbiddenWhispers to create new male characters for Genesis using my exclusive photo reference materials for males.  Since then we've released a number of male characters, and some were redone later to work with Genesis, others were originally made for M4.  The newest one will be coming out during March Madness 2014 at Daz3D named "Maxim for M6" based on my own skin.

Currently I am working on the rebuild of my adult male themed site which was hacked and literally destroyed by hackers last year in the fall.  The reconstruction of the site as well as a move to Berlin has caused me a lot of delays but the new store and community will be better than the previous incarnations since 2001.

About My Erotica Contributions to the Poser Community

In the year 1998 I started searching for ways to use Poser with my male-model photography, to mix 3D with real life 2D photography.  Turn guys into Mer-men or Angels or whatever could be cool to do.  Having a small studio, I could integrate photos with 3D and Photoshop them to make some great advertising work and male erotica.  I started looking on the web for "male" oriented sites, and came across one called "MalePoser", run my someone who made stuff for the M2 figure.  Around 90% of the links on there in the link page didn't work anymore, and no one could be reached who could help me further.  That site is still up and running now more than 98% of the links are defunct.  I decided then to support the male side of Poser and push the males as much as possible.  Having to deal with the massive NVIATWAS side of the Poser community I made alot of enemies and alot of new friends in this massive quest to make male figures more acceptable and popular.

The result of which was that I setup a site for the erotic side of male poser figures called MalePoserotica (aka MPE) and it has become an excellent resource for using male Poser figures in portraiture, erotica and homoerotic artwork. MPE is the home of almost all male gen figures as well, including some great exclusive ones for free. And many enhancement products for textures and characters as well.

Planned Rework of my Adult Erotic Sites

In August 2012, hackers ripped through MalePoserotica and wiped it from the face of the earth.  Why they did that or who gave them the job of doing so is questionable, I tried to have my providers rebuild the site from backups and such but we were unsuccessful, and I was forced to find a non-open-source software to handle the store, and community, so it couldn't be destroyed as easily as in this particular attack.  I invested several hundred dollars in non-open-source shopping software and had to rebuild all the customer and product information and am putting all of it in painstakingly into the new store software.  In January/February 2013, I moved the offices of PoserAddicts LLC to Berlin, Germany (The corporation's second location, primary is in Lisbon, Portugal).  MPE will be rebranded as MPE3D and the galleries are still current and running.  MalePoserotica itself is now a blog of sorts but all freebies are still available there and products are being hosted by PoserAddicts in the interim.  Listings and promos are on the Blog however, due to their adult nature.

I am currently rebuilding MalePoserotica for 2nd Quarter 2014 to become an exclusive Male-Themed superstore/community, but without any of the elements of violence or negativity to men.  We want to create a fun high-class place where everyone can safely come and get their adult stuff and be able to filter what they want to see or not.  And we are working with a newly programmed shop-forum-gallery-blog constellation that should make it fun to be a member of the community and fun to shop for things that enhance your Michael's, Genesis 1 & 2 and other male figures.

About Me & Personal Stuff

My background is as an international male model photographer (in the 1980's I myself was a runway model for companies like Giorgio Armani and Yves St. Laurent) and went to school for photography in the USA, and apprenticed at Eastman-Kodak for learning development, film lab-work and lighting.  I was raised in Europe most of my life and am the son of a Portuguese mom and a Latino dad.  So a Latino with fiery temperament.  I'm a Portuguese citizen.

I live in Germany in Berlin and work managing PoserAddicts LLC, and aside of running the brokerage and making my own products I am currently learning to create 3D products in Cinema4D, Silo 2.2 and Modo701.

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