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The Cryb was my homepage at MySpace. Fast becoming "dead space". If you are in a band, studio rep, publicist, promoter, booker, manager, etc, in the music business. I can hook you up with reputable contacts in the Ohio, USA area. If Rock, Blues or metal, are your real deal, please feel free to check it out. This is my Facebook page.

UPDATES: Currently interning with Jasi Entertainment in L.A., as East coast publicist for Ellsbeth and Dig Jelly. Two very well recieved metal bands, fronted by beautiful young ladies with voices like angels.

Cryb Keeper You can follow The CrybKeeper on Twitter where we are also followed by EMI, Sony, Victory and many other labels, as well as, FM radio and musicians from all parts of the world.

About me:

On-line FREE music publicity. The Cryb represents, excellent musicians, that haven't quite hit the majors, but are on their way there. I freelance write and submit columns and reviews to several media outlets. I work for Gannett News Service, in several capacities. I am not a journalist.
Father of two girls, 23 years and 12 years. married 25 years to my one and only. I am 46 years old.

I believe in staying young at heart, with a responsible mind.

I also believe, there is some sort of creator out there. Just who that creator is, can be the confusing part.


Graphics of all kinds, art several mediums. Oil paints are still my favorite. I know they are a hassle to work with, but I am one of those die-hard traditional types. Before the internet, I could be found at the local library, or college on the hill library. The first book I checked out, was about Paper Milling(circa, 1990).

My Heros:

Walter Whitman.
Walter's Bio is here:

Fred Gwynn(Played Herman in The Munsters TV series). ...Gwynne sang professionally, painted, sculpted, wrote & illustrated children's books, including: "The King Who Rained" (1970); "A Chocolate Moose for Dinner" (1976); "A Little Pigeon Toad" (1988) and "Pondlarker" (1990). He wrote 10 books in all and "The King Who Rained", "A Chocolate Moose for Dinner" and "A Little Pigeon Toad", which all were published by Simon & Schuster, are still in print....

What I have to say,.... today

LastFM is just a place to track your music habits - It is slowly dying. Instead, use Spotify and link that up with LastFM 

LastFM is HERE

I perform publicity for these bands at all websites: The Madeleine Haze, WVM, Woolgather, Lunarium, Ellsbeth, Dig Jelly, Zeroking, Level-C, plus a few more! Search them up on LastFM :)

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