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Leif Seidelin

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My drawings

The colours of my drawings are gone after many years in the sun

I don`t know when it al begun but I`l think of that later on

Some of my years has been hostile but I´ll try to forget about that for a while

now everything is good in a goodmanner springtimestyle

and I´m just going there for the everlasting suntime sprine




Music is love


love is music...


Hello all you good people in here on Rosity, my name is Leif Seidelin, and I´m a painter and a musician and a poet, at least I hope so..:-) but now you can make your own judgement..:-) I´ve always made paintings and drawings as far back as I can remember. I never went to art school, I´m autodidact, and in the recent years, I´ve went into digital photography and computer imaging and I think its very fascinating, this new media, it´s a "new creative universe" that opens up here...

Of course I mostly write in Danish ( which is a language, I know its pastry for you Americans..:-) which is my mother tongue, but sometimes I try to write poetry in English, so please forgive me if I happen ( by coincidence of course..:-) to mistreat your beautiful language! I know Shakespeare was English, so this makes me very humble, but remember Hans Cristian Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard was Danish writers and philosophers, so don´t come to me with that Shakespeare fellow..:-) No of course he was a mighty genius, and his works will never be forgotten, and it will always inspire and enrich generations to come, for as long as theres people on this planet!

I´m very happy to contribute and participate on this lovely art site, I think its just an amazing opportunity to get your works published for a broader audience ( world wide web in fact..:-) so hurrah for the internet! This is very fascinating, in my opinion, that people all over the globe, have the opportunity to exchange text and pictures and sounds in seconds, now isn´t that marvellous? So I thank the gods almighty and the clever and skilled human technicians for this new media!

As I said before, I´m very grateful that I´ve found this place on the web! I´ve made wonderful friends in here! So thanks again all you lovely people in here on Rosity, and please keep up the good work, and continue to enrich cyberspace with your wonderful artistic impressions!

I have an online gallery on this adress:

and furthermore I have got some music sites on these adresses:

and you are always welcome there of course..:-)

Thank you for your time!

With kindest regards




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