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MsJ777 Lurks in the Mountains of Arizona, Rattling All the Mind Cages...

MsJ777 [Add Friend]

Other kids wanted to be ballerinas and firefighters--I always wanted to be an artist. So I'm taking my time--hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

I'll work with any medium that'll stay motionless long enough to manipulate. For the things that won't, there's always duct tape. Stand still long enough, and I'll make something out of you, too. I make jewelry, clothing, sculptures, the occasional odd environmental tableau (don't walk on my property in the dark) and whatever else strikes my formidable fancy (it's the "whatever else" you have to worry about). Some of it might actually qualify as "Art". I'm also about to dive headlong into Photoshop--2D will no longer be safe. Oh, and I have a thing for drawing on people--I used to be a makeup artist, it kind of goes with the territory. When I'm not making stuff, I'm taking pictures of stuff, writing (technically still making stuff), dancing (Middle Eastern/Belly Dance--at least until it's outlawed by the Department of Homeland Security), working on my degree or just plain working. Family fits in there somewhere. I also have a Gallery on Ebay where I and several other Renderites such as "Plantar" sell our wares--prints, small sculptures, jewelry, etc. Here's the link, if you're interested. GalleryNumber23 Thanks for stopping by. Go ahead and sign the guestbook--you know you want to...

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