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Hmmmm, so you might be wondering just who ol' toady is and maybe even how he came to have such a terrible username. Easy things first, I guess. A long time ago in a land far away (Nv.) I was stuck for a name to sign up with at an old 'The Sims 1' website so I let their random name generator pop one out and lo, there was toad. I've used it ever since simply because I never have to try and come up with another... it's always available for some strange reason.

I played TS1 and then 'The Sims 2' for a number of years with also actually trying my hand at creating things for it the last couple of years that I was involved. In the end (to me) the community was getting rapidly disgusting. Backbiting and fighting all over the place and around the end of 2008 I decided I pretty much didn't want anymore to do with it as a whole. 

It was also at that time that I finally got off of my dead ass and grabbed a copy of Daz Studio. I have been a member here longer than my join date alludes to, actually going back a few years prior to the '04 that is listed. I've always been fascinated by the creativity that was here at the site and frequently amazed by what I saw people doing in Poser and other 3D programs.

I learned at an early age that "real art" was something beyond my scope of talents that were bestowed upon me. Oh, I drew prodigiously as a youngster but never seemed to be able to satisfy my over critical self exams. My Mom on the other hand thought enough of them though to actually enroll me in an art class when I was still quite young, something I stuck with for awhile and then continued into both Jr. and Sr. High School. She also (I was surprised to find out here these last few years) actually thought enough about them to have saved a number of them away, something I personally never did with anything I'd ever created. Nope, not a one.

Classically anal is probably the best way to describe me, I always think that I could've done something better, that only if I'd done something just a little different it may've pushed my last work just a notch further up to where I would really like to see it. 

Anyhoo, enough about me. I will continue to plug away at this very enjoyable and relaxing medium. I've lots to learn and I'm attempting to try something new or a little different everytime I open D/S and/or my editing programs. Hopefully every once in a while I can create something that you enjoy...

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