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Hi, I am Conny from Hannover, Germany - crazy about Trolls and Orcs !!!!! Well, crazy about everything having to do with fantasy.

I was born in Castrop-Rauxel December 20, 1966. I am happily married and have four - no no, not children - four cats!!! We all live in a very cosy small house with a garden on the backside. There I love to plant and take care of my roses. I prefer the “historic roses”, which are just a MUST to be shown on fantasy pictures that show knights and fair maidens. On the other hand, they are so beautiful and have a wonderful smell.... umm I get sidetracked. I grew up in Hannover, went through the typical school career and tja, after school was over, I tried very hard to find a job in an office. It never worked, so I went to a private economic school to start a 2 years education. I finished as a ... hold onto your seat.... Wirtschaftsassistentin - Informatik!!!! Each company I applied for a job, asked me what the hell that is. SCREAM. To make a long story short, I started a totally different career in 1990, I became a DTP-Fotosetzerin (photocompositor???) in a printing office. Since then I have been working as a DTP-Artist for four companies up till now. There had been a time I had been unemployed. That was the time I started to get interested in 3D-modelling and all this PC-Game-stuff-like-things, which I found verrrrry interesting and matching with my “fantasy”-type of mind. At this point I’d like to thank Jaro from Century Interactive very much for allowing me such a good insight into this 3D-world and letting me take part (as a viewer) in some of their projects. Then came Poser 3.0 and Bryce !!!! It made it so easy to build 3D-characters and 3D-scenes, soooo much easier than building them in 3DS Max. From there on I’ve been trying to put my fantasies into pictures.

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