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Minuano: Meeh-nuah-nu (Portuguese) -The wind that blows through the southern American hemisphere in late Autumn to early Winter...sweeping through wheatfields... protecting them from the cold.


    Hehe ... I'm sitting here trying to come up with something profound about me ... So, shhhh ... Well, anyway, I'll begin by saying that I am not rich ...  but, I've pretty much done the things that I really like doing; Like, being six all my Life : )   I still catch Dragonflies, I like flying Kites, I make a mean soaring paper-plane ...I still tell my 5 yr. old nephew that I accidentally hit a small plane, and made it crash while throwing rocks (I ran home and didn't come out of my room for a few days) ... you know stuff like this.  Kids like me for unexplainable reasons ... Don't leave yours around me or they might not come home with you anymore. : )

Oh yeah, I love Jacques Cousteau and his "Calypso" ... I think he didn't give a flying Cactus, and just did things that's cool with him.

I also like Jack Kevorkian ... Like it or not, he gave the World "the truest sense of equality" by giiving  dignified passages to those who want to make "the last call" ... I mean, when you came into this World, it wasn't in your terms ... So, those who would like to make "a valid exit in their terms" can have some respectability ... whether they're rich, poor, sick or just sick in the head.  One day we will truly understand the "whys and why nots" of existence ... Just trust yourself and grow a soul.

I think Fred Rogers (Mr. Roger's Neighborhood), should be a Saint ... One day he will be ... Some thosand years from now.  When humans get enlightened to "enlightenment" .. When War is finally declared --- "The Biggest Human Derangement" and when people don't classify kindness as a form of Moronic affliction anymore.


I'm not an Artist ... I just like to express by drawing, using paints and if all else fails ... I will write my thoughts about what tears me up or moves me to do what I do.

I think: Henri Rousseau, Paul Gauguin, Van Gogh, Jean-Michel Folon and Takeshi Kitano are/were People with meaningful existences ... Of course they're still ripping Vincent to this day ... Those Modern day commercial Necrophiles.

One last thing about Art ... In my book ART MUST BE BEAUTIFUL, because it's purpose --- First and the biggest reason why it exists --- is purely aesthetic.   So, don't show me a Crucifix in a bottle of Piss and call it Art --- That is a product of an ill-mind, wanting attention ... This is just my opinion but, a very strong one.


Antonio Carlos Jobim, Burt Bacharach, Pat Metheny, Michael Franks, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Gino Vannelli, Donald Fagen, Pierre Bensusan, Joni Mitchell ...

Music from the past Centuries:

Satie, Ravel, Mompou, Villalobos, DeBussy, Rodrigo.

----------------------- Well there you go "Hello", My name is Julian ... Nice to meet you : )

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