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Joy of Frax in Render-O-City

abmlober [Add Friend]

Do you know? The world is full of patterns and designs. If you have seen one, it leads to others, you can vary them, play with them, ...

Born in December 1, 1963, Germany. Studied mathematics and physics in Heidelberg (lost my heart there :-) I still live not too far from this wonderful town and enjoy visiting it as often as possible.
I started with Fractals in October 1999. It did not take long until I noticed that writing colourings is my true fractal desire :-)
Inspired by Damien M. Jones, Mark Townsend, Edward M. Perry, Samuel Monnier, and others I began to imitate their style. Being a software developer I finally found my own coding style in UF.
After a while I found some friends in the UF world whom I share my ideas and images and ... with.
They give me the impetus for creating new UF code. They show me what an artist can create with it :-)

And now? Now I look over all my pieces of code and try to reorganize them in a way that allows me to create code with them more or less automatically :-)
Or I take a sheet of paper (!!!) and a pencil (!!!) and sketch some patterns and designs and hope to find some time to transfer them into UF code.
But these patterns do not really fit into the fractals. Fractal processes distort them and disturb the geometry. And thus I changed from making fractals to creating 2D geometric designs. I still use my fractal program - because it can manage making images from mathematical code.

Who inspires me in the real world:

  • Paul Klee
  • Wassilij Kandinskij
  • Francis Bacon
  • Good old Single Island Malt (colour, scent, taste, warmth, ...)
  • Sometimes traffic signs or a new T Shirt design (please don't laugh (at least not too loud))
  • Water colour paintings
  • Exqusite Photos (Can you open this link to

Renderosity is a nice place to virtually meet interesting people and begin some nice friendships...

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