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JABevan [Add Friend]

Aspiring artist, animator, and film maker... always

I put the pencil down in 1994 out of sheer frustration. Picked up Fractal Design's Poser 1 shortly after, then Photoshop, then Dreamweaver, After Effects, etc. I graduated with a degree in Film Studies and got a job shortly there after as a Sr. Graphics Designer.

I focused on my art classes in high school, but otherwise I am completely self taught. It was playing with a "no name" image editor that landed me a job in creative (advertising) at a small news paper in Burlington, North Carolina. During my few months there I was mentored by my Art Director (a great artist). It was at the paper that I really learned Photoshop.

Poser 1 was a novelty to me. I purchased it to create reference models for my illustrating... having lost interest in illustrating, I only dabbled in it. The most I did with it was a very simple key framed animation for a Multimedia class, posing and rendering images in sequence, and then compositing them together in a flipbook animation (i.e. like animated GIFs). Although I followed the development of Poser (Fractal Design to MetaCreations to Curious Labs), I didn't get back into it until MetaCreations released Poser 4... HONESTLY, I still feel as if I'm just beginning.

I'm extremely admiring of many artists here at Renderosity (I wont name any for fear of leaving someone out). My favorites folder is filled with member galleries. Now that I'm back in the creative business doing the Ads and directing the corporate image of Convacent, these artists are beginning to create small fires of inspirations inside of me. I very seriously would like to move my art and craft to a new level, a much higher level.

I'm just beginning a renewed focus on fine art, experimenting with dramatic poses and lighting. To be absolutely honest, it's embarrassing. I'm so admiring and envious of the fine art pieces produced here in the Renderosity community.

I have a lot to learn!

Outside of rendering, I am an avid film addict. I scrutinize film as art, and often see an inspiring film many times (even in the theatre). I love independent film, foreign film, animation, epics, dramas, etc. I find little entertainment in cheap B-Action flicks, BUT love almost all of the Brat Packs films.

My degree was strongly focused on theory and criticism, so I had very little opportunity and experience with production. I desperately want to get back to producing, and hope to in the next year or so. I dream of going back for a Masters in Computer Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design, focusing my studies on Animation, Effects, and Compositing with the school's film students. - JAB*

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