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Hi, I'm Tom Hines, aka Drekinn.
I'm 29 years old and live in Sydney, Australia.
I've always been fascinated by the world around me, how it appears, how it behaves, how it changes. Whenever the mood takes me I find myself stopping and staring at something, wondering why it is that I feel moved to act upon it in some way, some way creative.
From an early age I was convinced that this creative urge was best pursued by means of the visual arts: drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. (drawing being my favourite). I hence studied art all through my schooling years, and enjoyed expressing my imagination through various mediums, though came to realise that I just didn't have the patience or, sadly, ability to faithfully produce the vivid imagery swimming around in my head.
It was during this time that the advent of computers changed the art world forever, giving rise to a whole new medium - digital graphics.
As computer technology evolved so did my enthusiasm for computer imagery. I took pleasure in using the wealth of painting and animation programs on offer as a means of channeling my creative thoughts and ideas; I continued to struggle though: just because computers provided an easier way to achieve my artistic goals, it didn't mean I suddenly had artistic talent.
This is when the likes of Bryce dropped into my lap - I fell instantly in love. Being able to create stunning 3D imagery without the worry of having to hand paint anything was a great relief, and also allowed me to more accurately recreate the pictures that formed in my mind.
Even though I now had the ability to develop my ideas visually, I still felt that niggling urge to do something more - I found that 'something more' to be creative writing.
After many years of trying to express my imagination visually, it seems the definitive answer is to express it through the written word. I've now taken to writing on a regular basis, be it prose or poetry, and am immensely excited as to what the future holds, as now anything is possible.

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